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As we have all been made aware of this past fall/winter season, gray is the newest neutral shade and the hottest color out there. It goes with most everything and is not as harsh as black and is a nice change from the browns of past seasons.

While most everything looks good with gray, many people are tired of the darker fall and winter shades that are popular year after year. The colors such as burgundy, hunter green, rust, etc. These colors always look great this time of year and really help to get you in the mood for fall and winter. However, many people can’t or don’t like to wear these darker shades. And they always seem to carry through most of the colder months, unlike the warmer months, where we see different colors constantly.

Instead of those darker shades, the number one color to pair with gray, and that we see carrying over to the spring/summer lines, is PINK. Pink was shown on almost all the runways this past season and is showing up for next season. Every shade imaginable was shown, from soft baby pink to bright fuschia. Gone are the frilly “girly” shades of pink – and in are the beautiful bright shades of pink that are more wearable. So, even if you have been told that you can’t wear pink (redheads listen up!), shades of salmon and coral-pinks were also shown. There is a shade of pink for just about every skin tone imaginable.

This trend is starting to hit the local malls already. I have noticed many stores such as The Limited, Express, The Gap, Banana Republic, etc. have shades of pink, fuschia and purple in their stores already for fall and winter.

Noticeable Color:

It is a very noticeable color and really is an attention peter. And pink is also a shade that looks good on everyone. It will brighten up the face and your wardrobe. You may have to experiment with different shades to find the right one for you, but there is plenty to choose from! And the shades and designs that are available right now will not make you look like a school girl. As I said before, they are very wearable and is a great shade to add to your wardrobe right now and is something that will definitely carry over into spring and summer!

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