How to Wear Sheer Clothes

Wearing Methods

Now, I know several women who have worn sheer tops with nothing, and I mean, nothing, underneath. However, I do not recommend this. Not only will you get a lot of unwanted attention, you may cause a few accidents! Sheer tops are made to wear with a pretty bra or camisole underneath.

You can actually do a lot with a sheer top. You can wear it under a suit jacket for a very sexy modern look. And with a jacket, you won’t feel exposed. Especially if you are not sure of the dress code at work, or if you are a little timid about wearing a sheer top.

I would recommend wearing a camisole for every other occasion unless you are going out to a club. It helps you to maintain a look of professionalism, yet still keep a sexy look. And you won’t feel like you are naked or have to keep a jacket on if you are a little unsure.

If you do decide to be among the very brave and go for just a bra underneath, keep your bra simple and elegant. Make sure it is in good condition, because everyone will see it. Victoria’s Secret makes a wonderful lightly padded bra called the T-shirt bra that looks great under a sheer top. Use a plain bra if you are wearing a shirt that has any embroidery on it. Too many patterns are confusing to the eye. If you are wearing a plain sheer top, then you can wear a lacy or patterned bra. I would recommend one that has a little padding.

It does take confidence to wear sheer material though. If you don’t have the confidence to wear it, then don’t. It is one article of clothing that says, “Look at me” and if you are not confident in it, it shows.

Because of the sexy look of a sheer top, you want to keep the bottom half simple and understated. Plain pants or a simple skirt. And I would keep the skirt midthigh. Not quite a mini-skirt and not knee length either. Too short looks tacky, and too long looks confusing. Wear sheer hose and simple shoes also. A sheer top can be quite elegant and can be worn to work depending on the dress code. Most type of pants look nice with a sheer top. The drawstring pants that are so popular look wonderful, as do more tailored pants. I would stay away from denim material or chinos though. Denim would be all right for going out at night, but I wouldn’t recommend it when shopping during the day.

I have also seen some sheer pants this year for Spring and Summer Fashions. If you want to invest in a pair of these, keep them simple with a simple top. And make sure you are wearing nice underwear that fits well. The same rules apply for the pants that apply for the tops. The best type of underwear is a high cut brief. It will give you ample coverage for your behind, yet still be sexy. Remember that the same rules apply to these pants that do for a swim suit.

Now, while someone with a less than perfect body can wear a sheer top, with sheer pants, they show everything, and even accentuate certain figure flaws. Be sure to get a full figure check before you purchase these pants. They have a tendency to cling to the thighs and hips and lower stomach. And they also accentuate any cellulite you may have. You can wear sheer hose to help control these areas and alleviate the look of cellulite. Just make sure they are sheer panty hose from toe to waist!

So, if you have the attitude and the confidence to wear sheer clothing, then go for it! It’s a lot of fun, and can be very versatile. And it will carry you through the summer and into early fall. So have fun and be a little daring!!!

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