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Books are always a great source for any field of knowledge and are also considered as authentic sources of knowledge.  So, like every other field, fashion, has certain books. Here below are listed some of the finest books on fashion. Enjoy!

In the Bag


Filled with our most valuable possessions, we hold tight to purse and briefcase like talismans. From high fashion leather to ordinary shopping bags, In the bags turns the artist’s eye on these fonts of security. Accompanied by provocative text, almost 200 original, full-color renditions reflect the bags we carry every day.

In the Bag is stuffed with nearly two hundred spectacular and beautiful sacks, packs, and carrying cases. These innovative and original works, created by artists from around the world, explore the handbag and all its associations from fashion to function.

Hats: Status, Style and Glamour

By Colin McDowell

Art of Being You


Designed by Versace before his death, the book illustrates the styles that made him famous, with memorable images by such top industry photographers as Steven Meisel, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. . . . The Art of Being You documents more than the designer’s brilliant fashion legacy. Versace’s personal charm is conveyed in several essays by friends and admirers.

The Cutting Edge: 50 Years of British Fashion, 1947-1997

By Amy DE LA Hayes (Editor), Amy DE La Hayes


This landmark book offers a stunning visual survey of the best of British fashion, from Hardy Aimes and the traditionalists to the eccentric contemporary designs of Mary Quant, Westwood, and Galliano. Accompanying the 150 color illustrations, 35 photos, and background text are interviews with 20 top British designers and a glossary of names and key dates.

20th-Century Fashion: The Complete Source book

By John Peacock, Christian LaCroix (Photographer)


From the styles of the early 1900s to the early 1990s, John Peacock charts the development of women’s fashion in all its aspects. Fashions top designers are found here, from Balenciaga’s classic gowns and Dior’s New Look to Mary Quant’s ready-to-wear mini-dresses and Calvin Klein jeans. Arranged decade by decade, over 1,100 color illustrations are accompanied by descriptions of each garment and accessory.

All American: A Style Book

By Tommy Hilfiger, David A. Keeps


Tommy Hilfiger, one of the most successful American designers of the 1990s, has always looked to the unpretentious things that are classically American for his inspiration. Organized by days, nights, and weekends, this extraordinary resource and style book shows how Hilfiger’s open-minded approach to fashion helps people to arrive at their own personal styles. 200+ illustrations, most in color.

The 1920s (Fashion Source books)

By John Peacock


As a spin-off from John Peacock’s highly successful 20th century fashion his new series of fashion source books looks at each decade separately. Along with detailed drawings, complete descriptions of each garment itemize various elements of style. A reference section charts the evolution of shapes and includes biographies of outstanding designers of the day. Bibliography. 205 duo tone illus.

Instant Style: 500 Professional Tips on Fashion, Beauty, and Attitude

By Emily Cho, Neila Fisher


Here, gathered by America’s foremost image consultants, are 500 beauty secrets, professional tricks, and fashion tips to help the woman of the ’90s look powerful and beautiful. For more than a decade, the authors have solved problems for thousands of private clients, and collected fool-proof answers to their most asked questions. With Instant Style, these professional secrets are right at women’s fingertips.

Fabulous You! Unlock Your Perfect Personal Style

By Tory Hartman, Toni Hartman


Hartman began her career as one of the foremost petite models in America and now runs style seminars in department stores nationwide. In this book, she elaborates on the six basic style types for women designed to help them find fashions that always fit and rid their closets of unsuitable clothes.

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