Spring Accessories

Seasonal Accessories

Well, with the onset of spring fashions comes the newest accessories! I covered the newest spring looks in The Catwalk.

Now, to compliment these new pastel, feminine colors and designs, you need the right accessories.

Keep your jewelry simple and elegant. A simple necklace with small beading or details. Small and elegant earrings to simple drops. Many times, you are able to find matching jewelry sets. This makes everything much easier to match!!

Scarves tied around the neck are the newest necklace! This is a great look and compliments these styles so well. Especially a twin set of a slip dress. I personally like the looks for a small scarf tied around your neck. It looks very feminine, but is a totally different look than a necklace. And if you are wearing a simple twin set, a patterned scarf looks great!! Give this a try. Many stores are now carrying scarves. They also look great with a denim shirt and chinos. You can wear a scarf in many many different ways. And they can help to change the look of an outfit dramatically!!

Shoes are another important accessory this year! The small Sabrina heeled shoe is making a huge comeback! This shoe got it’s name from the movie Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn. These shoes look great with everything from cropped pants to a slip dress. They still have that very feminine look that is so popular right now.

I firmly believe that accessories can make or break an outfit! If you aren’t sure of how to accessorize an outfit, take it with you to your local mall and ask the sales clerks for help. They are trained to help you put an outfit together and this includes accessories! But remember, with the spring styles, keep everything simple! If in doubt, leave it out!!!

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