Spring Styles

Seasonal Styles

Hello my fellow Fashion Fiends!! I’m sure you’ve all been out to the mall and noticed that the spring styles are hitting the stores!! And if you are like me, you have noticed that they are mainly pastel colored and very feminine in style! Well, I am the first to admit that I am not a “girly” girl! I do like the feminine benefits, such as makeup and nail polish, but I don’t usually like to wear very frilly frou-frou clothes. But I do have to admit, that after trying on several of the new styles and colors, they are very flattering on and I found a side of myself that has been in hibernation for a long time! My mother would be so happy!!!

Most everyone can wear the new pastel colors. There is usually a color that looks good on everyone! If you haven’t worn pastel colors, this may be a big shock to you, but you will be pleasantly surprised. Just remember to match your makeup to your new clothing styles. You don’t want to wear bright makeup with these lighter colors. And most of you have probably noticed that the new makeup coming out is in the lighter colors to match this new fashion trend. Thank goodness for the designers and cosmetic companies work together on this, or we would all be out searching high and low for new makeup!!

Now, if you are new to the pastel colors, and you are afraid that they really just don’t look good on you, you can still mix these colors in with your usual darker colors. Maybe a light colored sweater to go over darker colored t- shirts, etc. And some of the patterned clothing has both light and dark mixed in to accommodate those of you who just aren’t sure about the pastel colors.

For example:

1) Wear a light blue dress with small dark blue flowers and wear a dark cardigan. This will still keep you in fashion with the lighter blue, but you also have a dark color if this is what looks best on you.

2) Wear a light T-shirt with a denim shirt and chinos. You can still wear the pastel colored T-shirt and the denim shirt will help to offset this light color on you.

Also, after trying on several styles from different stores, I have noticed that these more feminine clothes are cut more for a feminine body. No more of the straight lines that are not realistic on those female bodies with a bust and hips! I have always had a problem with this in the past. I found that these clothes were cut for very slender bodies. Not anymore!! I have actually found several styles that were very flattering on my body type.

Several Styles

There are several styles that are must-haves for spring and summer and are very versatile. I would recommend the following:

1) Slip dress
2) Twin Set
3) Wrap Skirt
4) T-shirts (Can never have enough of these)
5) Long dress – preferably a wrap dress.
6) Beading on anything
7) Transparent

These are all things that I have found in virtually every store! In future issues, I hope to cover different ways to wear these items, since I know a lot of people are confused on the transparent tops, etc.

So, if you’ve never worn pastel colors, or are afraid you’ll like a grade-schooler, go out to the local mall or discount store. Try on several different styles until you find something you like and that looks flattering on you. I guarantee you will find something! But, this is a fun way to update your wardrobe with something new and different for spring!!

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