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Fashion Steps

First off, let me start by saying that there is a difference between fashion, fad and style. Everybody has their own personal style. Your style may change as you age, or it may stay the same forever. This is your personal niche and where you feel comfortable. Don’t try to change this if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle and personality. You are who you are and you should express it through your clothes and makeup. Fashion is something that never goes out of style. A little black dress, pearls, a plain white shirt, etc. These things go through the ages and look great always! You can add or take away from them to go with the times. A fad is something that is seasonal or two if you’re lucky. The underwear as outwear look is a good example. This was first done in the 80’s by Madonna and is all the rage right now. In a few years, we’ll be wondering what in the world we were thinking wearing our slips as a dress! Fads are fun and funky and you can add a little bit to your style with these.

I personally love all three of these! I love to scour the fashion magazines and see what the designers are doing and what’s going to be popular for the upcoming seasons! While the clothes that they show on the runways aren’t what will make it to the stores, it’s still fun to see how creative they can be and what you can utilize in your own life. And while we all can’t afford a Gucci dress or a Chanel suit, it’s still fun to fantasize and get some ideas. Many times what the designers bring out in their lines will trickle down in more subtle ways to the mall stores and eventually the discount clothing stores.

And while it’s still cold here in the Midwest, all the spring and summer designs are starting to hit the racks. Some of these early arrivals can be used as transitional pieces for us here, while those of you in warmer climates can wear them alone if you desire. By transitional pieces, I mean light weight sweaters that we can layer with turtlenecks while it’s cold and wear alone when it warms up. Skirts that we can wear heavy tights with for now and hose or bare legs when it warms up.

I want to hear from everybody to see what topics you want to see discussed. What fashions you want to see covered. We want to make this interesting to everybody!! So your feedback will help determine how The Catwalk goes forward!

Let’s cover some of the pieces you need in your wardrobe at ALL times to create a solid fashion foundation!

1. A simple black dress. This can be dressed up or dressed down. You can add pieces to it to make it anything! For example, a nice beaded cardigan for a nice dinner out. A sheer top and stiletto heels for a night of dancing. Nude hose and scrappy sandals for a day out. A blazer and hose with pumps for work. The possibilities are endless!

2. A classic white shirt. This can be worn under a suit for work. Tied at the waist with shorts or a skirt for a day out. With jeans and a blazer and loafers for that classic look. Need I go on!

3. Plain white cotton T-shirt. A million and one ways to use a white T- shirt! This can go from everything to a business suit to cut-off shorts.

4. Nice fitting khaki pants. These also go with everything. And with the different styles available today, there should be a pair for everybody and every figure type. These are perfect for those dress casual days at work. They look great with a white shirt or with a blazer thrown over them.

5. A beautifully cut suit in black, navy or brown. The pieces can be worn together, or you can wear them separately for more variety. If you can find a suit that has a skirt and pants along with a blazer, then that’s better. Some people don’t like the severity of a suit, but there are times when a suit is exactly what you want. If you buy a suit that you can wear nine to twelve months out of the year, then you get the most for your money. And don’t go for the suit of the moment. Go for a classic cut, single breasted blazer and softly pleated pants or a straight or an A-line cut skirt. These are timeless and never go out of style. Always remember, when you buy a suit and have it cleaned, have all the pieces cleaned together, even if you rarely wear the blazer or the skirt, etc. This is so that they all look the same. There is nothing worse than putting your suit on and realizing that your pieces are no longer the same shade!

Now, while there are many, many more things you can add to this list, these are pieces that everyone should own. If you invest in good quality basic pieces, you can change your look with the fashions by adding or taking away other items. You can buy those pair of bell bottom pants and wear them with a white shirt or T-shirt. Same with that short mini-skirt or slim fit pants. So, if you don’t already own these pieces, go out and buy them!

And always remember to accessorize!!! This is what can make or break an outfit or a look. Keep it simple and clean no matter what look you’re wanting to achieve. If in doubt, remember, less is more. You can take the pieces from up above and change the look by adding accessories. For example: A white shirt with khakis.

  • Look #1 – Add tennis shoes, simple gold or silver hoops and a natural colored belt. Simple and sporty looking.
  • Look #2 – Add loafers and matching belt. Tie a scarf at your neck or a pearl necklace and earrings. Classic and elegant looking.
  • Look #3 – Add stroppy sandals, a thin leather belt or a chain belt. Wear simple earrings such as hoops or studs. Tie the shirt up at the waist and you have a fun and sexy look.

Same shirt and pants, different looks achieved with accessories!

You don’t need a lot of clothes and accessories, you just need to experiment with what you have and have fun! 

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