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There are certain types of fashion mistakes that you make you wonder, does this person own a mirror? And if so, I want one just like it…..the one that says, Hey, you look cool, go out in public like that! when everyone else would hide their head in the sand! Where are the fashion police when you need them! So, we hope to find these common fashion flubs and post them here. I want to hear from you to find out what fashion flubs you spot in the mall, at work, at the grocery store! Let’s hear them! And if you’re guilty of these, STOP IT! So, here we go….

This is one I see constantly in the Midwest! Now, if it’s cold outside, dress for the weather. This means, you don’t wear strappy shoes when there is six inches of snow outside! And here is the worst yet, when you wear stirrup pants, do not, and I repeat, do not, wear open, strappy shoes! This is too confusing to the eye! Yes, we understand you have on a pair of dressy stirrup pants with a nice shirt, sweater or blazer. But you don’t need to wear strappy shoes to finish the look. If anything, it looks worse. And don’t wear mules, clogs or slides with stirrup pants. This just looks plain ridiculous! Depending on the whole outfit, wear simple flats or ankle boots. I personally favor flats. You can wear socks or hose depending on how dressed up you are. This is a personal choice here, but I don’t like high heels of any type with stirrup pants. I think this looks horrid. I know a lot of people wear heels to try to dress up stirrup pants, but I feel that no matter what the fabric, they are too casual to wear with heels. If the top half of your outfit is that dressy that you should wear heels, change your pants to a skirt or dress pants. But, if you like the look of stirrup pants with heels and you feel comfortable in them, then go for it! A simple rule of thumb for stirrup pants, if when you put your shoes on, people can see the stirrup or the heel of your foot, change your shoes!

So avoid too contrasting things for they don’t create a very classy impression. Keep things simple. Remember simple always works.

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