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What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite comes to people as if it belongs to a medical topic. But in fact, cellulite is simply a deep-seated oil. The fat tissue that causes cellulite pushes the connective tissue in the opposite direction, making the skin seem to be wrinkled and rolling. Cellulite is not harmful to human health. But besides this, most people want to get rid of the bad image of cellulite.

Cellulitis in the body does not mean that the person is overweight. Cellulite can be seen even in very weak people, which are characterized as weak or even rail thin. However, there is also that if you lose weight to being overweight, you can help reduce your cellulite. Cellulite is more common in women than in men. There is also a fact about cellulite if you have cellulite in your relatives, you are more likely to be cellulite. So cellulite has a very high genetic factor. Other factors that cause cellulitis apart from these reasons include:

Malnutrition, Trendy diets, Slow metabolism, Insufficient physical activity, Hormonal changes, and Insufficient water consumption. Fat content in total body weight. The thickness of your skin layer and the color of your skin.

Cellulite is less visible in people with a darker color. So people with dark skin are lucky in terms of cellulite. For light-colored people, if they wear short shorts or bikinis and make their skin darker with skin foundations, cellulitis forming dimples on their hips and legs may be less noticeable. There is a wide range of products and treatments available on the market to get rid of cellulite in the legs and hips. But there is not yet enough scientific evidence to suggest that some of them are fully functional and permanent. Some products used in cellulite treatments are as follows;

Cellulite Creams: It is known that these creams melt the skin and straighten the skin. Many of the cellulite creams contain amino Phil’s, a prescription drug developed for the treatment of asthma. Therefore, although there is no scientific evidence that these creams are good against cellulite, they can even be harmful to humans in some cases. It is thought that this cellulite cream is effective because it shrinks the blood vessels and activates the water in the skin. But for people with roaming

problems, this is a very dangerous situation. In addition, in some people, the aminophylline substance can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, the cream sold under the name of cellulite creams should be noted and recommended by the doctor’s supervision.

Liposuction: In this procedure, which is also called oiling, the oil is removed surgically from some fatty tissues. In the liposuction process, only the deepest layers of skin are removed, and no application is made to the cellulite area just below the skin. Experts, therefore, argue that people with cellulite skin should be more careful before liposuction, as dim skin can cause a worse image after fat removal.

Some of us go to the mirror and say, ‘Why do we have such a fate?’ He thinks. Whether your body shape is weak or fat, cellulite is sometimes inevitable. But you do not have to despair because there is a way to treat cellulite. The cellulite grows in the lower layer of the deep, just around the fat tissue. The resulting cellulite leaves a rough surface in the upper part of the skin and causes physical insecurity. These cells enlarge due to the excessive storage of fat cells and the effect of the hormone estrogen. Blood circulation is becoming increasingly inefficient. The expansion of the fat cells is the excessive spread of fat tissue. This spread also affects subcutaneous connective tissue, causing the body to retain more water than normal and consequently weaken blood circulation. Along with the weakening of the body’s blood circulation, the tissues begin to reach less oxygen than their old counterparts. The result is that the tissues lose their elasticity and the surface of the skin starts to look rough. So far, many women have learned from the formula for losing weight, from newspapers and magazines: eating calories low, moving in abundance, and spending more than you have received. But all of this is not enough for some of us to have a smooth, form-looking body. In France, cosmetic experts say cellulitis, first introduced in the 1950s, is called a skin disease.

Whether it is a deception brought up by cellulite, the cosmetics world, or all women’s destiny, continues to persist. Some experts argue that cellulite is not a medical condition, but that it is a fiction that has emerged in today’s conditions that cosmetic treatments are increasing. There is a fact that many fat, fat women are quite disturbed by the protruding image around the hip and calf.

Cellulitis does not occur a night

Your cellulite does not appear in a night. Experts say unhealthy living conditions lead to unbalanced nutrition, excess alcohol consumption, smoking and physical inactivity, long-term cellulite becoming established in the body.

During periods such as pregnancy and menopause, hormonal levels of ups and downs are also responsible factors. Research scientists say that women are more

sensitive to the emotional side in these periods and that stressfulness will reduce hormonal changes the least. Because, when you enter the stress, your body’s defense system moves, and some hormones are secreted more than normal. With the increase in the water collection rate of the body, the cellulite is prepared for the ground. In short, if you want to get rid of your cellulitis permanently, you need a less stressful life and to change some habits.

Cellulite is a Pathology that Develops in Three Stages.

The first stage begins with circulatory failure. The resultant serum leaking from the vessel walls collects in the tissue spaces and forms tissue edema. Edema, on the one hand, leads to the communication between the blood and the fat cells, and the deterioration of the metabolism of the fat cells, while on the other hand, it causes the structure of the connective tissue to deteriorate. The result is nodules formed from overgrown fat tissue cells surrounded by elastic bands of fibrous bands. This is the second stage, characterized by cellulite-specific orange peel appearance. The third stage is the continuation of the pathological process, in which the nodules stick together to form larger modules and the appearance of a quilted appearance of the skin. At this stage, pain can occur due to pressure on the nerves of the nodules.

Real and Permanent Solution TrueVIBE

Exercises made with TrueVIBE mean the intervention of the main cause of cellulite because it increases the level of testosterone, and the most basic factor resolves the problem of intervention made. This is the first step. However, this effect alone is not enough to solve the problem 100%. If so, regular sports would be enough. Cellulite is seen even in women who regularly play sports. With TrueVIBE, the muscles themselves will be collected and tightened in a short time. It is also very easy to burn fat again with very short exercises. It is possible to burn 500 kcal in 15 minutes with TrueVIBE.

We have exercised, burned the fat, strengthened our muscles, and did we have a firm, permanent solution to the tightness? Not yet. We need a deep tissue massage to make the lymphatic drainage in the area effective and to regulate the cells. This is the last step in destroying cellulite. With TrueVIBE, it is not possible to apply the massage to the region in just 1 minute with other technologies. Existing massage tools can only massage at 3-5 cm deep, while TrueVIBE massages all muscles and tissues deep to the point where they contact the bone. This is a unique lymph drainage and cardiovascular massage. After all, even a few seen stans are able to make serious improvements. This massage also provides a great rest and relaxation as it is removed from the lactic acid system.

To summarize, it is not possible to obtain a SOLID solution without interfering with all the factors that make up cellulite. Solutions in existing systems only provide periodic improvements. With TrueVIBE you will do 3 days a week. With 15 minutes of work, it is possible to get rid of cellulite permanently. This has been proven by scientific studies. In addition, exercises with TrueVIBE bring with it unique benefits such as stopping the bone, relieving back-neck-back pain, balancing hormones in general, eliminating postural deficits, increasing flexibility, increasing anti-aging, sleep quality, and stress reduction.

The muscle mass is increased, the fat is reduced, the bones are not only cellulite with a strong body and balanced hormone levels; It is possible to get rid of many physical faults and discomfort. It is possible to do these without spending hours in the gym with only 15 minutes of TrueVIBE exercises.

Among the completely natural home-made methods for ending the cellulite problem are herbal treatment methods. Some therapists argue that you should consult your doctor before applying these methods.

Estrogen and progesterone hormones are hormones responsible for fat deposits and causing cellulite for many women. The apple circulation method is one of the best methods you can apply at home against cellulite. The nutritious items in the apple cider help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Associations in the apple tree help to reduce the depressed appearance in the deep. You can follow the steps below to use this clear cellulite treatment:

Mix 2 tablespoons apple cider with a glass of water. Add a little honey to sweeten this mixture to counteract the cellulite. Eat this mixture every morning to get rid of cellulite. Apple circles can also be used by spreading on cellulite. If you prefer a mixture instead of drinking apple cider, you can follow the following steps:

Mix apple cirque with 1/3 of the massaged cream or oil. Gently apply this mixture on the cellulite area twice daily, daily. If you want to get a good result, deeply massage the cream mixture and eat it well.

Gelatin, which is contained in many nutrients from the outside, is known to be closely related to cellulite. If you are going to apply at home, you can consume gelatinous products that are easy to break free of cellulite problems. Gelatin is also used by some to lose weight. But the effect of gelatin on keeping tissues healthy is not well known. However, the amino acids in the gelatin contribute to the formation of our connective tissue. These tissues also help us to protect our kiln. To get rid of Cellulite, do not forget to add gelatin to your feed.

It is reported that the application of soybean oil and soy extract derived from soybean glycine to the liver will prevent the effects of female sex hormones on the skin and reduce cellulitis symptoms.

It is used topically for 1 month as a hydroalcoholic gel, 1g per day. Caffeine seems to be causing the cellulite, but the truth is that the gel concentration you apply in this way is equal to 25% of the amount of plasma in a cup after one month.

Niacinamide, a water-soluble vitamin, stimulates the cells when applied locally, thereby thickening the thinned epidermis due to cellulite.

Vinegar mask

Only natural apple circuses are suitable for this method, the grade is around 4-6%. Mix apple juice and water in a ratio of 1: 1. This mixture can be added with lemon oil or mint oil or rosemary oil. Apply to the cellulite area. Cover it with nylon and blanket over it. Wait for half an hour to an hour. Then rinse the mask, apply a moisturizer

Honey vinegar mask

In equal measure mix honey and vinegar, add wheat flour and make a dough. Apply to the cellulite area and wait for 2 hours with the above method. The next day crawls in the same region without salt and wait for 2 hours. Repeat the process and you will see the result.

All these methods are easy and natural methods that will help you in reducing cellulite. At the same time, you should not forget the importance of exercising and losing healthy weight and getting rid of cellulite.

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